EUROSOLAR was founded in 1988 as the non-profit European Association for Renewable Energy. The Association is dedicated to the cause of completely substituting for nuclear and fossil energy through renewable energy. It works independently of political parties, institutions, commercial enterprises and interest groups.

EUROSOLAR develops and encourages political and economic act…on plans and concepts for the introduction of renewable energy.


The European Association for Renewable Energy (EUROSOLAR) is represented in Russia by the Non-profit Partnership for Development of Renewable Energy "EUROSOLAR Russian Section", which comprises the interests of all the participants of the solar energy society: research organisations, solar-cell and modules manufacturers, raw-materials producers, NGO’s and individuals.

The Part…rts of the civil society, the business sector and government bodies in the field of renewable energy.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) was established on 26 January 2009 in Bonn/Germany. IRENA is to become the main driving force in promoting a rapid transition towards the widespread and sustainable use of renewable energy worldwide. As the global voice for renewable energy, IRENA provides practical advice and support for both industrialized and developing count…the potential of renewable energy, best practices, effective financial mechanisms and state-of-the-art technological expertise.