Dr. Dietmar Roth - CEO Roth & Rau AG

Roth & Rau was founded in 1990 as a surface coating processes company. For almost 10 years, Roth & Rau has been operating in the division of photovoltaics and is one of the worldwide leading providers of production equipment for the manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells.
The company produces systems for solar cells' antireflective coating. These coating systems not only produce the blue colour of the solar cells but also raise the efficiency of each cell.The antireflective coating, applied by the silicon nitride coating system (short: SiNA) prevents the immediate reflection of sunlight so that it can enter into the cell to be transformed into electricity.
Roth & Rau also offers complete turnkey manufacturing lines for crystalline silicon solar cells and CdTe thin-film solar modules at the highest technological level. These are of special interest to newcomers to the world of cell manufacturing.
Due to new company subsidiaries, Roth & Rau can provide for more than 65% of the entire value chain of a complete production line with its own products and service. Together with partners and subsidiaries, Roth & Rau provides one of the best developed sales and service networks in the global photovoltaics industry.
Complementing the new generation of antireflective coating systems, Roth & Rau group also offers systems for thermal processes such as diffusion and firing, vacuum furnaces for multi-crystalline silicon ingots and MES software solutions for PV manufacturing