Hevel LLC is a joint venture between Renova Group and RUSNANO. The company is a vertically integrated holding specialized in solar energy industry. Hevel operates a 97.5 MW solar modules manufacturing plant, located in Chuvash republic. Its daughter company Avelar Solar Technology provides services in engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of grid and off grid solar power parks. The pipeline of projects is 254 MW to be commissioned till 2020.

Hevel together with Physical-Technical Institute established its own Research and development center located in St. Petersburg which since 2010 has a status of Skolkovo’s participant.

Contact details

Russia, 123022 Moscow,

Krasnaya Presnya str. 22,

Tel: +7 (495) 662 35 45

Fax: +7 (495) 662 35 38

Email: info@hevelsolar.com

Web: www.hevelsolar.com