“Greenmax” LLC is manufacturing plant which part of “Svyaz engineering” group of Russian companies involved in development and manufacture of radioelectronic and electrotechnical equipment for various economic sectors. “Svyaz engineering” is 100% owned by Russian holders and has four modern production facilities with total area over 75,000 m2 in Moscow, Azov and Dubna.

All the Group enterprises are dedicated to manufacturing of energy efficient products and solutions. Particularly, in summer 2015 in Madrid, in the presence of Ministers of Energy of the Russian Federation and Spain, the Memorandum of cooperation was signed by and between a Spanish company “Gamesa Electric” and “Greenmax” LLC for the Azov factory-based localization of manufacture of converter equipment for solar-wind power plants.

Brief description of the “Svyaz engineering” factories and companies:

  1. “Greenmax” LLC factory in Azov. Launched in 2012 with the total area of 36,000 m2, and over 500 employees as of today. The main complete cycle production factory, specifically manufacturing converter equipment for solar-wind power plants.
  2. CJSC “Svyaz engineering” Moscow factory. It was built in 2006 with the total area of 25,000 m2, and maintains its staff of over 800 employees. The factory is specialized in development and manufacture of power electronics of low and medium series. The factory has its own Design Engineering Department consisting of over 100 engineers and a large laboratory and testing facility.
  3. “LED-effect” LLC factory manufacturing energy efficient LED lights. The company with the total area of 3,000 m2 has been operating since 2010 and maintains its staff of over 100 employees. It is a TOP 5 largest Russian manufacturer of LED-lights.
  4. “Svyaz engineering KB” LLC factory manufacturing printed circuit boards in Dubna. The factory of the total area of 12,700 m2 was built in 2014 and maintains its staff of over 200 employees. As of today it is the most up-todate manufacturer of printed circuit boards in Russia. The factory manufactures PCBs up to 25 layers and the 6th class as well as SHF printed circuit boards.
  5. Engineering Company CJSC “Svyaz engineering M” has been operating since 2005 and maintains its staff of over 200 employees. The company is specialized in development of equipment and software for remote monitoring of facilities and automated systems of commercial utility metering (ASCUM). As of today over 100,000 metering points across the country are equipped with ASCUM instruments.

In 2015 the Group shareholders has purchased the controlling interest in CJSC “AeroGreen” involved in development of low-power wind generators constructed under new design principles (vertical axis turbine installation). In 2014 CJSC “AeroGreen” hit the shortlist of Cleantech Russia competition. The company has been a Skolkovo resident in Energy Cluster since 2014.

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