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centrotherm photovoltaics AG - expertise at all stages of the value-added chain

With its comprehensive range of services along the solar value-added chain, centrotherm photovoltaics is the world’s leading technology and equipment providers for the photovoltaics industry.

The Group supplies key equipment and technologies, as well as integrated solutions for the manufacture of polysilicon, ingots and wafers, through to turnkey production lines for cell and module production. The product range is complemented by turnkey production lines for the manufacture of CIGS thin-film modules.

centrotherm photovoltaics guarantees important performance parameters for its turnkey solutions, including production capacity, efficiency and completion deadlines.

The focus lies in continuously reducing production costs per watt peak and achieving grid parity.

Owing to its wide-ranging and sound technological expertise, the Group is able to create a fully integrated solar factory in which all process steps can be combined, thereby optimizing production and manufacturing costs.

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Silicon & Wafer

Solar cell & Module

Thin film module

Semiconductor & Microelectronics

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