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Products and services for polysilicon, ingot and wafer production

The range of services offered by centrotherm SiTec GmbH spans from customized planning, engineering and process technologies through key equipment to integrated solutions for the manufacture of polysilicon, ingots and wafers. The company supplies CVD reactors, STC-TCS converters and vent gas recovery systems, among other products, for industrial polysilicon production. The product portfolio is complemented by multi-crystalline ingot furnaces, ingot squaring saws and brick cropping saws. Thanks to years of experience, proved and tested technologies and efficient processes, centrotherm SiTec guarantees its customers a high level of silicon purity and superior product quality while also ensuring high production capacities.

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Products & Technology

Silicon production

Ingots and wafers

Contact details

SiTec GmbH

Bürgermeister-Wegele-Straße 12

86167 Augsburg, Germany

Tel: +49 821 45016-646

Fax: 49 821 45016-610 info@sitec.centrotherm.de

Web: www.centrotherm-sitec.de

Engineering & Technology Center

Burghausen Gewerbepark Lindach A12

84489 Burghausen, Germany

Tel: +49 8677 8734 - 7646

Fax: +49 8677 8734 - 7610

Email: info@sitec.centrotherm.de

Web: www.sitec.centrotherm.de