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Telecom-STV Company Limited has more than 20 years experience in producing semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, wide achievements in semiconductor materials and their physics allowed them in 1994 to found the department of Telecom-STV to produce silicon wafers.

The production covers all stages from ingots through wire sawing, lapping, edge grinding, polishing, test operations and packing up to SEMI grade silicon wafers.

Telecom-STV’s production department is equiped with all standard testing devices to control silicon wafers in output. Another department of Telecom-STV designed and created some original testing devices like contactless microwave relaxometer for measurement of non-equilibrium charge carrier effective lifetime in silicon wafers, X-ray defectoscopy for control defect level in wafers, contactless tester for measuring resistivity of ingots and wafers and so on. All these devises allow controlling more parameters of wafers than it is required by SEMI standards.

Telecom-STV also produces customized silicon wafers, wafers for MEMS application, wafers with surface getter and solid silicon object of various shapes for different applications.

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