Research-Production Enterprise «KVANT» is established based on All-Union Scientific-Research, design and technological institute of power supplies and plant «Photon» widely known in the country.

«KVANT» is the only one enterprise in Russia developing so broad gamma of sources of the autonomous power supply that are principally important components for different kinds of armament, space technology and national economy. The usual long-term cooperation allows continuously to increase a technological level and to renovate the nomenclature.

Development of methods of direct conversion of different kinds of energy (chemical, solar, thermal etc) into electricity and creation on this basis of autonomous sources of power supply and means of diagnostic widely used in a national economy and special engineering are the main scientific and technological direction of KVANT activity.

  • The range of development and production includes as follows:
  • Solar cells and arrays for space application;
  • Environmentally friendly autonomous photovoltaic power supplies for different terrestrial consumers of the elecrical energy;
  • Autonomous thermal electrical generators of energy using any sources of heating;
  • Thermal electrical devices for starting the internal combustion engines in the conditions of the North;
  • Thermal electrical cooling containers for transportation of the biological objects and food and other.

Contact details

129626, Russia, Moscow

The 3-rd Mytischinskaya, 16

Tel: +7 495 687-35-03



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