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The company was found under the name of Roth & Rau Oberflдchen GmbH on June 22nd 1990 and was formed into a stock corporation in 2001. It was the goal of the founders Dr. Dietamr Roth, Dr. Bernd Rau and Dr. Silvia Roth to turn the knowledge on Plasma Technologies that was gained during their academic studies at the Technical University of Chemnitz into saleable products. During the 90s Roth & Rau developed customer tailored equipment for plasma and ion beam enhanced thin film deposition and surface treatment for the semiconductor and optical industry and manufactured then for research and dedicated industrial applications. This traditional business is continued by the Roth & Rau Microsystems GmbH.

Thermal processes, systems for the development of thin film solar modules, equipment to develop silicon wafer as well as software solutions for the control systems of equipment and product lines plus several service proposals are all part of the product- and technology spectrum. Another important business segment is the manufacturing of turnkey production lines for silicon based solar cells and thin film solar modules based in Cadmium Telluride.

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