Solar Wind


Solar Wind Co. was founded in 1992 by Russian PV professionals with the extensive experience in the Hi-tech and Space programs. In the past leading scientists and engineers of the Company have developed unique technologies for the space-based Solar Energy Conversion systems. Some of those technologies have been later used for the terrestrial PV applications.

The company's priority is to develop the most efficient way of producing Solar Cells using the starting material in a form of the microelectronics- rejected Si wafers, particularly of N-type.

Solar Wind produces:

  • Solar Cells on P-type and N-type Si;
  • Solar Modules with both front-side and two-side sensitivity;
  • Solar Systems.

The company manufactures PV products by its own process, using some standard and some custom-made equipments, materials and accessories from both Russian and world vendors.

Contact details

15 Korotkaya Str.

350000 Krasnodar, Russia

Tel: +7 (861) 267 28 13/ 28 17

Fax: +7 (861) 267 28 18