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Avantor™ Performance Materials Announces Corporate Headquarters Move

editor, 18 February 2011

Phillipsburg, New Jersey – February 18, 2011 – Avantor Performance Materials, Inc. (formerly Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.) has announced that it is moving its corporate headquarters from Phillipsburg, NJ, to 3477 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley, PA, about 20 miles west of Phillipsburg.

The relocation is expected to occur during the summer of 2011. The company’s manufacturing plant, and research and development facility, which together house approximately 325 employees, will continue to operate at its existing Phillipsburg manufacturing campus.

Avantor, which was purchased by an affiliate of New Mountain Capital in August 2010, is now operating as a standalone company and has outgrown its current 30,800 square-foot corporate office located at 222 Red School Lane in Phillipsburg. With 57,000 square feet of space, the new headquarters is nearly double the size of the current space.

Approximately 140 employees will move to the new office. Additionally, over the next three years, the company expects to hire another 60 employees to work in the new headquarters.

Avantor’s leadership team decided to relocate after carefully considering all options, including expanding the current office space or constructing a new building.

“We decided to relocate because we had outgrown our current facility,” said Avantor President and CEO Jean-Marc Gilson. “After careful consideration we decided to look for space that would reflect our bold growth objectives and new brand. We wanted something designated as ‘Class A’ office space that would provide both convenient access and a more modern and collaborative working environment to accommodate our growing workforce. The new space is nearly double the size of our current building and affords us the opportunity to design the interior to fit those needs.”

Avantor plans to make the move to the new facility as seamless as possible; manufacturing and product delivery will not be affected and the company will communicate directly with customers throughout the transition. Customers may contact their customer service and sales representatives at 1-855-AVANTOR if they have any questions or concerns during this transitional period.


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