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Roth & Rau concludes a strategically important contract with a leading Asian cell manufacturer

editor, 16 December 2013

Roth & Rau concludes a strategically important contract with a leading Asian cell manufacturer for the supply of disruptive coating systems for its first heterojunction line in the market.

Roth & Rau AG and its parent company Meyer Burger Technology Ltd announced today that it had successfully concluded a strategic contract with a leading Asian cell manufacturer to supply HELiAPECVD and HELiAPVD coating systems worth around EUR 12 million.

For the production of high-performance heterojunction solar cells, the new customer is placing its trust in Meyer Burgers technologically advanced systems and extensive know-how. The HELiA-type systems form the key components of a production line to manufacture disruptive technology, heterojunction solar cells. The production line has the capacity to turn out 2,400 W/h. HJT solar cells have very high efficiencies which are currently in excess of 21%, as well as a very low temperature coefficient of around 0.20%/K and are used by the customer primarily for rooftop installations. Delivery of the systems is planned for the first quarter of 2014.

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Meyer Burger integrates LayTec's X Link into laminators

editor, 20 August 2013

LayTec and Meyer Burger have jointly developed the world’s first fully integrated metrology solution for EVA* cross-linking control in PV module production lines.

Meyer Burger (, a global technology group specializing in systems, product equipment and services along the PV value chain, will now directly integrate LayTec's 5 Z MEYER BURGER X Link in the cooling press of laminators. X Link allows for closed loop process control and 100% quality assurance of EVA lamination and fully replaces slow, error-prone and costly off-line analysis methods.

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Meyer Burger announces strategic cooperation agreement between Roth & Rau B.V. and Rolic Technologies

editor, 09 August 2013

Meyer Burger Group member Roth & Rau B.V. has signed a far reaching cooperation agreement with Rolic Technologies outlining a joint strategy to develop product offerings for the organic electronics, display, and security markets.

Roth & Rau B.V., a Group member of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (SIX Swiss Exchange: MBTN), and Rolic Technologies Ltd announce that they will cooperate on the development and industrialisation of system solutions for organic electronics. The partnership will bring together Rolic’s competences in materials and device fabrication and Roth & Rau's expertise in integrated process equipment. In an initial stage, the companies will develop and offer barrier and encapsulation technologies. These products are seen as enablers for the flexible organic electronics (OE). organic light emitting diode (OLED) and the organic photovottaics (OPV) markets. Further projects involving flat panel displays (FPD) and for security industries will follow. As part of the strategic cooperation agreement. Rolic has acquired an innovative cluster system for barrier coatings in OLED production from Roth & Rau B.V. which will play a key role in the joint technology development projects. Delivery and ramp-up of the equipment is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

Rolic’s newly established technical centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, will play a pivotal role in accelerating the development of new applications. The proximity of the Rolic’s technical centre and Roth & Rau's R&D facility will resutt in synergies that will quickly bring their joint solutions to market.

“The link to state of the art equipment, processes and materials will offer fast access to manufacturing solutions for advanced display, organic electronics and security products" says Norbert Munzel, CEO of Rolic Technologies Ltd.

“The organic electronics market has shown significant growth over the past years as materials and technologies have matured", comments Claus Uchtenberg, CEO of Roth & Rau B.V. “Innovative materials and production technologies will allow the further reduction of production costs for electronic devices and enable new form factors that cannot be achieved with traditional production processes. With our core competences in vacuum coating and ink jet printing combined with Rolic’s innovative materials, we are in an excellent position to help our customers achieve better device performance, higher yields, and reduce the time to market of their next generation products."

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New contracts for Meyer Burger

editor, 06 August 2013

Roth & Rau`s parent company Meyer Burger awarded contracts for over CHF 22 million with two new customers in Asia and the company publishes preliminary key figures for the first half year 2013..

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Roth & Rau achieves industry-leading silver savings in solar cells

editor, 21 September 2012

- 50 – 70% savings in silver

- Process developed for front and rear side coating with nickel

- Production tool available for immediate use in solar cell production

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (SIX Swiss Exchange: MBTN) today announced that its Group member Roth & Rau AG [Frankfurt stock exchange: R8R] has developed a process which uses inexpensive nickel in busbar metallisation for the electrical contacting of solar cells. The coating process includes both the front and rear sides of the cell within a production tool. This process, which is immediately available, significantly differentiates Roth & Rau from its competitors.

Depending on the contact technology, a saving of between 50 and 70% in expensive silver and therefore a significant reduction in the production cost of solar cells can be achieved. A further benefit from the process is the fact that nickel is a readily available material. This means that solar cell manufacturers are not tied to specific suppliers as is the case with other materials.

The HELiA system, which was developed primarily for the production of high efficiency heterojunction cells, coats the solar cells with nickel in a shortened system configuration to form the front and rear busbars. This is achieved by means of a sputtering process. In contrast to other systems, the HELiA system permits simultaneous processing not only of the rear surface but also of the front surface on which there is a significantly greater potential for savings.

A further decisive benefit of this new process is the outstanding adhesion of the cell connectors to the front and rear surfaces of the solar cell as a result of the nickel metallisation in standard soldering processes. The metallisation of the fingers can thus take place regardless of the electrical characteristics of the busbar and be optimised to match them. In this way, the metallisation of the fingers is de-coupled from the solderability of the busbar, thereby enabling the use of new pastes and metallisation processes that do not currently achieve reliable solderability. The performance of solar cells coated with this process is comparable with that of solar cells metallised in the conventional way by screen printing.

The concept and associated system will be presented at the Meyer Burger stand (Hall 3, E2) at the upcoming EUPVSEC trade fair in Frankfurt from 25-28 September.

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Next step taken in integration process within Meyer Burger Group

editor, 03 October 2011

- Restructuring of management board team

- Dr. Dietmar Roth becomes member of Board of Directors at Meyer Burger Technology AG

Hohenstein-Ernstthal, 3 October 2011 – As part of the integration of the Roth & Rau Group within the Meyer Burger Group, the Supervisory Board of Roth & Rau AG has taken a further major step by restructuring the management board team. Dr. Dietmar Roth will step down as Chairman of the Management Board with immediate effect and move to the Board of Directors at Meyer Burger Technology AG. “I have always stressed that I would stand back from my operational responsibilities at the right time. That time has come now that the takeover by Meyer Burger has been successfully completed and we have found high-quality, experienced managers keen to shape Roth & Rau`s further successful development in the long term. Given the length and depth of my involvement with Roth & Rau AG, however, it is only natural that I should offer active support to the newly restructured Management Board and advise them in all key issues”, commented Dr. Roth.

The Supervisory Board has appointed Peter Frankfurter as the company`s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with immediate effect. The 48 year-old business graduate has longstanding management experience as CFO and in other commercial management roles at international industrial companies. Frankfurter was previously Commercial Director at SUMIDA Europe GmbH, one of the world`s key manufacturers of inductive components and modules for the electrical and electronics industries.

Peter R. Manolopoulos (42) will assume responsibility for operations as COO also with immediate effect. Born in Wuppertal, Manolopoulos can look back on a long track record of international activity as managing director and division head at mechanical engineering and plant construction companies, focusing on energy technology. Having studied business administration, he first gained experience in areas including strategy and M&A at Babcock Borsig AG. In 2002, he moved to the publicly listed GEA Group AG, where he held various management positions, most recently prior to joining Roth & Rau AG with responsibility for the wet cooling division as Managing Director of GEA Energietechnik GmbH.

Thomas Hengst will continue to be responsible for the sales division in the Management Board in his role as CSO of Roth & Rau AG. Furthermore, Peter M. Wagner, to date Supervisory Board Chairman of Roth & Rau AG will initially assume the role of Management Board Chairman. “We will not be filling the traditional CEO post following the successful integration of the company into the Meyer Burger Group. Rather than that, Peter Frankfurter, Peter Manolopoulos and Thomas Hengst will manage the operations of the Roth & Rau Group as a team of three. For the transitional period the planned delisting of Roth & Rau AG has been implemented, I will therefore assume the role of CEO. In this, my main focus will be on pressing rapidly and efficiently ahead with the integration process to exploit the synergy effects available to the combined group on the market”, explained Wagner with regard to his role in the new management board team.

The company`s Management Board thus currently comprises four members. Due to Peter M. Wagner`s appointment to the Management Board, the Supervisory Board has requested its former member Prof. Alexander Michaelis to assume the position thereby temporarily vacant. Wagner`s deputy, Andrea Sieber, will assume the Chairmanship of the Supervisory Board.

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Meyer Burger: Successful public takeover of Roth & Rau AG

editor, 28 June 2011

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd published today that within the additional acceptance period the voluntary public tender offer of Meyer Burger to the shareholders of Roth & Rau AG was accepted for a total of 38.36% of the share capital and voting rights of Roth & Rau AG.

Thereby the total participation of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd in the share capital and voting rights of Roth & Rau AG currently amounts to 81.89%.

Roth & Rau welcomes voluntary public takeover offer from Meyer Burger

editor, 11 April 2011

- Voluntary public takeover offer to all Roth & Rau shareholders at a price of € 22 per share

- Unification of all key technologies along the photovoltaics value chain in the fields of wafer, cell and module production

- Roth & Rau as core of new “Cells” technology and competence centre at the Meyer Burger Group

Meyer Burger Technology AG [Ticker: MBTN] (and through subsidiaries, respectively) has announced a voluntary public takeover offer to acquire all bearer shares in Roth & Rau AG at a price of € 22 per share in cash. Meyer Burger acquired a total of 11.3 % of the share capital of Roth & Rau AG [Ticker: R8R] from the founders and key shareholders Dr. Dietmar Roth (CEO), Prof. Dr. Silvia Roth and Dr. Bernd Rau on 10 April 2010. The offer price corresponds to a premium of around 41 % compared with the volume-weighted average share price of the past three months. The Management and Supervisory Boards of Roth & Rau support the offer by Meyer Burger.

Furthermore, Roth & Rau AG today signed a business combination agreement with Meyer Burger Technology AG. With more than 1,200 employees and annual sales of CHF 826 million in 2010, the Meyer Burger Group is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative systems and production lines for photovoltaics in the solar industry, as well as for the semiconductor and optics industries (LED). The Group already covers the most important technology steps in the photovoltaics (solar industry) value chain with its high-quality solar systems focusing on solar wafering and solar modules.

The planned consolidation of both companies will give rise to an all-round system supplier covering all key technology steps within the photovoltaics value chain from solar silicon through to complete solar energy systems, mainly in the production processes of wafering, solar cells and solar modules. Roth & Rau will thus close the gap between wafering and solar modules and will in future form the core of the new “Cells” technology and competence centre at the Meyer Burger Group. As a “company within the Meyer Burger Group”, Roth & Rau will continue to be run as a proprietary technology competence centre and operating German company at its main location in Hohenstein-Ernstthal.

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Roth & Rau announces preliminary consolidated results for the 2010 financial year

editor, 23 February 2011

- Sales growth of 35.9 % to € 268.9 million

- EBIT of € -25.9 million after special items

- Strategic focus on single equipment business resolved

Hohenstein-Ernstthal, 23 February 2011 – Based on preliminary figures, the Roth & Rau Group generated sales of € 268.9 million in the past 2010 financial year. This corresponds to growth of 35.9 % on the previous year’s figure of € 197.9 million. The Group’s order situation also developed dynamically, with new orders rising by 103.9 % to € 399.1 million (previous year: € 195.7 million). Orders on hand therefore totalled € 335.0 million as of 31 December 2010 (previous year: € 204.8 million). This development has been driven above all by the highly successful market launch of the new SiNA generation. The strong level of demand for production equipment has also continued in the first quarter. New orders totalling € 49.7 million had been received by 18 February, of which around 75 % were for single equipment and around 15 % for service and spare parts.

The Group’s earnings performance in the past year > affected by special items of around € -51.2 million (of which € 42.9 million under EBIT and € 8.3 million under net financial expenses). As a result, preliminary earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) amounted to € -25.9 million in the 2010 financial year (previous year: € 16.1 million). EBIT before special items amounted to € 17.0 million.

The special items related to impairment losses of around € 8.5 million already recognised for turnkey projects as of 30 September 2010 and of around € 12.5 million (of which € 4.2 million under EBIT and € 8.3 million under net financial expenses) due to the risk of insolvency at the US customer SpectraWatt. Both developments were already announced as soon as they arose. Moreover, the Group has also recognised further impairment losses of € 11.0 million in connection with existing turnkey projects and provisions of € 9.6 million for legal and tax risks relating to major projects still underway. Furthermore, as part of a new strategic alignment that, among other aspects, involves streamlining the Group’s product portfolio, the Management Board has discontinued activities in specific product groups and thus also in related development projects. This made it necessary to recognise further, one-off impairment losses of around € 3.1 million.

One major one-off item of € 6.5 million also resulted from the necessary conversion of the accounting treatment of SiNA series single equipment from the percentage of completion method to measurement at cost, which will involve the respective profit being deferred to the 2011 financial year.

One major one-off item of € 6.5 million also resulted from the necessary conversion of the accounting treatment of SiNA series single equipment from the percentage of completion method to measurement at cost, which will involve the respective profit being deferred to the 2011 financial year.

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