Renewable energy provided in 2009 for the first time in excess of 10,000 direct jobs

editor, 28 January 2011

In the framework of the EU project EurObserv’ER, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) analysed the turnover and employment of renewable energy companies in the Netherlands.

The analysis is an inventory of in particular companies that are active in wind energy, solar energy, biofuels, other biomass, the renewable fraction of energy from municipal solid waste combustion, and geothermal energy. ECN estimates the turnover in the Netherlands at € 3.8 billion. The estimate of the total employment is in excess of 10,000 direct jobs. The growth in 2009 was approximately 25%. The indirect employment amounts to another 9,000 jobs.

The turnover and employment of renewable energy companies is largely related to the sectors solar PV (photovoltaic systems), energy from the biogenic fraction of municipal solid waste, wind energy, and solar thermal energy (for hot water).

The data in the ECN study are conveyed in the EU-wide EurObserv’ER publication ‘The State of Renewables in Europe’ which will be published in early February 2011 on

The report can be found on the ECN website, ECN number ECN-E--10-089.

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