ECN response to incidents in Japan

editor, 18 March 2011

In the light of the incidents in Japan, ECN and NRG, ECN’s daughter company, are currently busy providing all media and other interested parties with information about nuclear energy and radiation. ECN’s involvement entails (research on) nuclear energy in relation to the total fuel mix.

ECN and NRG express their sympathy

The catastrophic earth quake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have led to a worrisome situation in this country, including for a number of nuclear power plants that are located in the area. It is barely possible to conceive the impact of a combined natural disaster of such a magnitude.

We sympathise enormously with the people of Japan. Naturally, we are very much aware of the sensitivity that will be incited among the Dutch population as a result of this incident. All organisations that are part of 'Nucleair Nederland' (, in which NRG is also involved, are offering their expertise in providing the media and interested parties with factual information to the best of their ability.

The role of ECN in nuclear energy

ECN is also involved in (research on) nuclear energy in relation to other types of energy supply. Since 2005, ECN Policy Studies has conducted a number of specific studies on nuclear energy. You can find these reports on our website under the heading ‘ECN and nuclear energy' on our homepage.


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