Russian Evening at Valencia

editor, 22 September 2010

During the days of the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition / 5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion the founding member of the SOLAR2RU Platform - Avantor™ Performance Materials, hosted the "Russian Evening at Valencia". The evening was held on September 6th and took place at the Las Arenas Hotel.

The participants of both Russian and European Solar community where greeted by the Honoured Speakers:

Peter de Groot, General Manager EMEA, Avantor™ Performance Materials

Theo Trommelen, Business Manger Micro EMEA, Avantor™ Performance Materials

John Bubel, Global Marketing Director, Avantor™ Performance Materials

Thomas Hengst,CSO Roth & Rau

Mattias Seidel, Sales Manager Europe East, Roth & Rau

Timur Timurbulatov, President KONTI Group

Akhsar Pinov, General Dicrector, Continent NRG

Prof. Dr. Klaus Thiessen, PV consultant, Berlin-Adlershof

Boris Eidelman, Director, Telecom-STV

George Kekelidze, Managing Partner, GO2RU

A significant event of the evening was the conclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between two SOLAR2RU Founders - Roth&Rau AG (Mr.Hengst) and KONTI Group (Mr.Timerbulatov). The MOU states the intent and willingness of both companies to engage into a project of cooperation for developing new technologies for silicon based solar cells. Click to read more

The focus of the evening was to share ideas on the development of the Russian PV market by cooperation with EU companies. The Russian Federation is a country with tremendous potential, being a a decentralized provider of electricity it is among the most promising markets for the PV industry in the medium and long-term. community.


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