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The first batches of polysilicon have been produced at a large-scale production facility in Russia

editor, 20 December 2010

Usolye-Sibirskoye, Irkutsk region, Monday, December 20: the first batch of polysilicon has been produced at Nitol's main production facility. This is the first polysilicon, ever produced at a large-scale production facility in Russia; the facility design capacity totals 5000 metric tons of polysilicon per year.

The unique production facilities are being built by NItol in Usolye-Sibirskoye, in the Irkutsk Region in partnership with RUSNANO, Sberbank and the Eurasian Development Bank.

The first polysilicon has been produced within the scope of the reactor test operation with process fluids. All the performance targets have been achieved; the successful facility startup has confirmed the accuracy of technological solutions, the equipment operability, high quality of the construction and installation works.

The test runs have been conducted in line with the approved by Rostekhnadzor phased program of the in-process equipment validation.

The production ramp-up to full capacity will be staged: the first polysilicon production phase with a 300 mta capacity was launched in 2008, the second phase to come on line by mid-2011 will increase the output to 3500 metric tons of polysilicon per year. "The first polysilicon, produced at a large-scale production facility in this country, is a result of joint strenuous efforts not only of the entire NITOL team. This success would have been impossible without our main Russian partners - RUSNANO, SberBank and the Eurasian Development Bank" - stated Nitol Solar's CEO, Dmitry Kotenko.

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