RENA leading the field of the TOP 100

editor, 30 January 2011

As of today RENA GmbH from Gütenbach in the southern region of the Black Forest is entitled to call itself “Innovator of the year 2010”. The award for the winner of the competition for the Top 100 medium-sized enterprises was today presented to the RENA CEO Jürgen Gutekunst by Lothar Späth. RENA also won the “Category Prize for Innovative Marketing” for its effective and early involvement of “lead users” in the development process. “Lead user” is the term used for customers who are global leaders of technology and who cooperate with their partners in new developments.

For suppliers of wet processing solutions the innovations of today are the key to the economic success of tomorrow. “RENA is the world leader in the sector of photovoltaics, a market whose rapid development is being triggered by innovations,” explained Jürgen Gutekunst founder and CEO of the company that was established in 1993.

It would be impossible to develop these products so quickly and to ensure that they are tailored to meet the requirements of the customers with our own capacities alone. Close cooperation with leading research institutes, small technology companies and “lead users” plays a crucial role here. Working closely with "lead users" from the industry is particularly important, as this allows future customer requirements to be incorporated into the current developments.

Not so many years ago Jürgen Gutekunst relied on his intuition for making the right decisions.

Nowadays the decision-making channels are regulated by a so-called Stage-Gate process, so that fast and market-oriented decisions can be made. This ensures that the rapid changes taking place on the growth markets, in technology and where the competition is concerned are incorporated in the decision making process consciously and in realtime.

RENA generated its largest share of sales in the solar sector, a branch that has the common target of achieving grid parity. Market surveys forecast double-digit growth rates in the sector of photovoltaics for the next few years. RENA product innovations aim at increasing the cost effectiveness of solar cells. This is achieved on the one hand by technological developments that enhance the efficiency of the cells.

Grid parity can also be achieved by developments that contribute to increasing throughput and yield in the manufacturing plants.

RENA forecasts sales of more than € 200 million to be generated with approx. 980 employees for the year 2010.

RENA is not only active in the solar market, it is also a supplier of wet chemical processes for the semi-conductor, medical technology , micro-system technology and PCB branches.


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