Canadian Solar Inc. achieves 21.1% cell efficiency using new advanced technical concept based on Merck’s isishape ® and RENA’s InClean technology

editor, 24 September 2012

Gütenbach, Germany: RENA announced today that the Selective Emitter concept based on Merck’s and RENA’s new advanced technology is being implemented in Canadian Solar Inc.’s (CSI) high-efficiency solar cell production. With this, CSI achieved 21.1% cell efficiency according to in-house testing.

Merck’s isishape ® pastes ensure homogeneous and well controllable etching, leading to an efficiency gain of 0.5%.

RENA’s cleaning technology InClean is specially designed for Merck’s isishape ® and ensures a perfect match between consumable, process and equipment platform. RENA’s InClean is available as an upgrade for existing lines or can be integrated into a RENA InOxSide ® tool for junction isolation and PSG removal (PSG: Phosphor Glass).

CSI has adopted the new advanced solution for its high-efficiency p-type cell technology. The company successfully integrated the new concept into its mass production. Top solar cell efficiency of 21.1% was achieved on Cz (monocrystalline) solar cells by implementing the technology in the ELPS high-efficiency cell structure (ELPS: Efficient, Long-term Photovoltaic Solution).


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