New RENA Cell Plating Technology

editor, 14 September 2012

RENA InCellPlate integrates SH+E GROUP Silver-Reclaim for silver cost reduction up to 50%

RENA drives market demands for cost reduction in front side metallisation by launching a combined package of fine line print, silver plating and silver reclaim system. The new InCellPlate platform targets for massive front-side cost reduction on mc- and c-Si solar cells by combining seed printing and plating for up to 0.3% absolute efficiency gain. With the integrated silver reclaim the total cost of ownership will be further improved. Optimised line width, higher finger conductivity and simple contacting of high emitter sheet resistances allows to reduce the overall silver consumption well above the technical potential of all available paste printing technologies. This benefit comes along with improved yield in module manufacturing by 30% higher peel off forces after standard soldering.

RENA InCellPlate offers the most attractive alternative for any selective emitter approach with a new silver reclaim process for highest customer benefit.

The lately SH+E GROUP integration brought best expertise in water supply as well as water- and chemistry recycling to RENA. This completion enables RENA to offer now for various solar applications combined process and recycling solutions with high cost reduction out of one hand.


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