TetraSun and RENA establish a manufacturing route for solar cells beyond 20% efficiency

editor, 13 September 2011

- cell efficiency well beyond the 20% mark

- monoTEX®, RENA’s IPA-free alkaline texturing process

- focus on environmental and manufacturing cost

Gütenbach, September 13th, 2011 – In 2010 RENA industrialized monoTEX®, an IPAfree alkaline texturing process for solar cells. TetraSun has established that this process is key for their breakthrough mono-crystalline cell concept. RENA’s combination of pre-cleaning and monoTEX® texturing delivers a homogeneous surface with a distribution of pyramid sizes that enables TetraSun technology to achieve cell efficiency that is well beyond the 20% mark. Texturing times under 15 minutes, bath lifetimes over 40 runs and >95% tool uptime enable a very competitive footprint. The elimination of IPA from both the exhaust and fluid waste streams further supports TetraSun’s focus on environmental and manufacturing cost control.


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